ESG Validation

ESG Technical Review: Supporting Mission-critical Workloads at Scale With Dell EMC PowerFlex


This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on evaluation of the Dell EMC PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure solution. Testing was designed to illustrate how the PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure platform achieves high levels of performance, scalability, availability, and manageability.

Topics: Storage Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Technical Validation: Riverbed Cloud Accelerator


ESG evaluated Riverbed Cloud Accelerator for enterprise apps running on public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in Microsoft Azure and Client Accelerator for desktop and mobile clients to validate how this end-to-end solution accelerates SaaS application performance while overcoming the limitations of application latency, bandwidth constraints, and network congestion.

Topics: Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Economic Validation: The Economic Benefits of Google Cloud Data Fusion

Executive Summary

In today’s data-driven environment, organizations need to use all of the data sources available to them to extract timely and actionable insights. Instead of wrestling with the design, testing, and remediation of complex data pipelines, however, organizations should spend the time providing analytics functionality to those who need to make decisions.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Technical Validation: Analysis of Enterprise Applications Running on Nutanix Cloud Platform


This ESG Technical Validation documents the results of recent Nutanix performance testing focused on real-world performance scalability and sustainability improvements in support of mission- and business-critical application, database, and end-user computing (EUC) workloads.

Topics: Storage

ESG Technical Review: Huawei OceanStor Pacific Next-gen HPDA Storage


This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on performance and function testing of Huawei OceanStor Pacific storage for high performance data analytics (HPDA) and presents the findings of a five-year TCO analysis highlighting the economic benefits of Huawei OceanStor Pacific when compared with storage systems from other major vendors.

Topics: Storage Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI

ESG Technical Review: Zoom: Providing Confident Security


This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on evaluation of the Zoom Unified Communications Platform. We evaluated how the Zoom collaboration solution achieves high levels of security, ease of use, and flexibility via its desktop and mobile application. ESG’s goal was to examine how Zoom provides confident security for the strictest environments, including government, education, healthcare, financial services, and more.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility

ESG Technical Validation: Enterprise-class Data Protection with InfiniGuard from Infinidat

Co-Author (s):Brian Garrett



This report documents ESG validation testing of the InfiniGuard data protection and recovery solution from Infinidat with a goal of exploring the benefits of the InfiniGuard architecture, including immutable ransomware recovery, cost-optimized backup and restore performance, and ease of deployment and management.

Topics: Data Protection

ESG Technical Validation: VDI at Enterprise Scale with NetApp Virtual Desktop Service


This ESG Technical Validation examines the capability of NetApp Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) to deploy, manage, and optimize virtual desktop environments through a SaaS-delivered global control plane for hybrid/multi-cloud environments. We also take an analytic look at cost of ownership to explore how NetApp VDS could reduce cloud infrastructure spending through advanced scaling and resource management technologies and IT administrative costs through automation and streamlining.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Technical Validation: IBM Cloud Pak For Security


This ESG Technical Validation documents testing of IBM Cloud Pak for Security, with a goal of verifying how it can help organizations to maximize both the effectiveness and efficiency of incident response, threat remediation, and risk management within their existing security operations workflows.

Topics: Cybersecurity

ESG Technical Review: Analysis of Dell Technologies Cloud PowerScale for Microsoft Azure for High Performance File-based Applications

Executive Summary

In this Technical Review, ESG audited testing designed to demonstrate how Dell Technologies Cloud PowerScale for Azure, powered by Faction—a multi-cloud data services provider—enables demanding file workloads such as large-capacity, high performance computing (HPC) applications including life sciences/bioinformatics and big data analytics, with a focus on performance, utilization, and business value.

Topics: Storage Cloud Services & Orchestration hybrid cloud