ESG Validation

ESG Lab Spotlight: Apeiron Data Systems ADS1000: Native NVMe Networking Accelerates Real-time Workload Performance


ESG Lab previewed Apeiron’s ADS1000 Non Volatile Memory express (NVMe) storage solution (general availability: June 2016) and audited performance testing; this paper provides an overview of the architecture and impressive performance results.

Topics: Storage Networking

ESG Lab Validation: Optimize VMware Virtual SAN 6 with SanDisk SSDs


ESG Lab evaluated SanDisk flash solutions for VMware Virtual SAN 6 hyper-converged infrastructure for business-critical applications and databases, with a focus on assessing the performance and value of flash for infrastructure-wide storage virtualization and hyper-converged solutions in the data center.

Topics: Storage Networking Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration