ESG Validation

ESG Lab Review: Robin Systems: Container-based Virtualization for Databases and Data-centric applications


This ESG Lab Report highlights the recent testing of Robin Container-Based Virtualization Platform. Using a combination of guided demos and audited performance results, ESG Lab validated the ease of use, performance, scalability, and efficiency of Robin Systems’ container-based architecture.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Lab Review: Proofpoint Advanced Threat Protection


This ESG Lab Review examines how Proofpoint addresses advanced threat protection with Targeted Attack Protection (TAP). ESG Lab also evaluated how Proofpoint addresses the growing number of attack vectors using deep, verified threat intelligence to detect and stop threats before they can cause lasting harm. ESG Lab also looked at Proofpoint’s remediation process for active threats.

Topics: Cybersecurity

ESG Lab Validation: BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management


This ESG Lab Technical Validation will focus on the operational value of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM). The goal is to demonstrate and validate business value for customers in three key functionality areas: Full stack application environment provisioning, security and compliance (including remediation of non-compliant services), and decommissioning or consolidation of unused or underutilized resources.

Topics: Cybersecurity Cloud Services & Orchestration