ESG Validation

ESG Technical Validation: Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM)


This report documents hands-on testing of Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM). This software analyzes application demand, resource consumption, costs, and compliance requirements and provides proactive management to continuously ensure application performance and optimize infrastructure resource utilization, while minimizing costs and ensuring compliance.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration Cisco data management

ESG Technical Review: Accelerating Time to Decision with Vcinity Ultimate X


This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on validation of Vcinity Ultimate X (ULT X). The report explores how Vcinity turns your WAN into a global LAN with near real-time performance for collaborative, data-intensive application workflows or for when you need to execute against data over long distances.

Topics: Networking

ESG Technical Review: Move SAP to the Cloud for Faster Time to Innovation - SAP on Google Cloud with BigQuery


This ESG Technical Review highlights how Google Cloud enables organizations using SAP to manage, safely store, and securely analyze their data to generate in-depth insights for greater business intelligence. A combination of hands-on analysis and customer use cases were used to validate the advantages of leveraging Google Cloud and BigQuery for robust advanced analytics and AI/ML capabilities. ESG also examined how SAP customers leverage Google Cloud to deploy enterprise-ready applications on which to run their mission-critical operations.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI Cloud Services & Orchestration