ESG Technical Validation: Illusive Networks


ESG evaluated the Illusive Networks Platform with a focus on validating its ability to simply and efficiently preempt attacks before they occur where possible, protect against attackers inside the perimeter, and respond to incidents with fast data-driven decisions, regardless of where assets are located, or where the attacks originated. Illusive’s ability to scale deception technology quickly and easily was also of interest.

Topics: Cybersecurity

ESG Technical Review: Quickly and Efficiently Recover from a Ransomware Attack with the Rubrik Data Management Platform Immutable Architecture

Co-Author(s): Christophe Bertrand


This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on analysis and review of the Rubrik architecture. We examine how Rubrik protects data from ransomware attacks and accelerates the post-attack recovery process with its immutable architecture.

Topics: Data Protection

ESG Technical Validation: Intel Data Center SSD Storage for the AI Data Pipeline

Co-Author(s): Tony Palmer


This ESG Technical Validation explores the performance and efficiency benefits of Intel Data Center SSDs as a storage media foundation for all of the stages of the AI data pipeline.

Topics: Storage Intel

ESG Technical Review: Dell EMC PowerStore: Data-centric, Intelligent, Adaptable Storage


This report provides a brief introduction to Dell EMC’s PowerStore mid-range storage appliance and documents ESG’s testing that was focused on VMware integration and the distinctive AppsON feature, enabling organizations to run VMs directly on the appliance without external servers.

Topics: Storage