ESG Technical Review: Reducing Operational Complexity with Emulex SAN Manager

Co-Author(s): Alex Arcilla


This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on testing of Emulex SAN Manager (ESM) by Broadcom to verify its ability to reduce operational cost and complexity in the modern data center with end-to-end in-band monitoring and management. We focused on how ESM provides visibility into the operational status of all Fibre Channel (FC) host bus adapters (HBAs) across the SAN and accelerates management, upgrades, and troubleshooting.

Topics: Storage

ESG Technical Validation: Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer


This report documents hands-on testing of Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer. This software analyzes application demand, resource consumption, costs, and compliance requirements and provides proactive management to continuously ensure application performance and optimize infrastructure resource utilization, while minimizing costs and ensuring compliance.

Topics: IT Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration Cisco data management

ESG Technical Review: VxRail Lifecycle Management


This ESG Technical Review documents ESG’s evaluation of how VMware and Dell Technologies’ joint engineering and integration of VxRail HCI and VMware HCI software enables organizations to extend their existing investments in infrastructure, people, and skills. We focus on the solution’s efficiency, agility, and simplicity for day 0, day 1, and day 2 lifecycle management across hybrid cloud infrastructure, operations, and services.

Topics: Storage Converged Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration