ESG Technical Validation: Maximize Database Efficiency and Performance in a VMware Environment using 32G NVMe over Fibre Channel

Co-Author(s): Brian Garrett


This report documents performance testing of the NVMe over FC (NVMe/FC) feature of the IBM FlashSystem 9200 array in a VMware and Oracle Database environment. This testing includes a comparison of NVMe/FC and SCSI over FC (SCSI/FC) protocols using Emulex Gen 7 32G Fibre Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) in the server and storage array along with the Gen 7 Brocade (IBM b-type) storage network switch.

Topics: Storage database

ESG Technical Validation: HPE Cloud Volumes: Enterprise Cloud Data Services


This ESG Technical Validation documents remote testing of HPE Cloud Volumes, a suite of enterprise cloud data services delivering high-performance, resilient block and backup services that are simple, secure, flexible, and efficient. Testing focused on demonstrating ease of use for running enterprise applications and backup in the cloud, workflow automation, and integration with public cloud compute.

Topics: Storage Data Protection Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Technical Review: Android Enterprise Essentials: Easy, Automatic Mobile Device Security


This ESG Technical Review documents testing of Android Enterprise Essentials with a focus on assessing the speed and simplicity of automatically securing Android devices.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility Google