ESG First Look: How Cyber Shield Features within Cobalt Iron Compass Enable Ransomware Recovery

Co-Author (s):Tony Palmer

Cyber-recovery Data Protection Challenges

The percentage of IT/information security executives and managers that believe cyber-risk is greater than it was 2 years ago.1 The percentage of data protection professionals that identified loss of employee productivity as a major impact that could result from application downtime or lost data.2

IT executives are noticing an increasing risk of cyber-attacks. And this risk is leading them to build more comprehensive data protection and cyber-resiliency strategies in an effort to protect their organizations from the detriments of application downtime and lost data. ESG research also shows that loss of employee productivity is the most cited impact that respondents believe could result from application downtime or lost data, followed by other challenges such as diversion of IT resources from business-critical projects, loss of customer and employee confidence, loss of revenue, and more.

Topics: Cybersecurity Data Protection