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Aviv Kaufmann

Aviv Kaufmann

ESG Lab Analyst Aviv Kaufman contributes to ESG's independent, hands-on lab validations and analyses of emerging IT hardware and software products.

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ESG Lab Review: Dell FluidFS v5: Flexible and Secure Scale-out File System

Due to their simplicity and flexibility, NAS storage solutions have proven invaluable to enterprise organizations as in-house solutions for file sharing, backup, and archive needs. The emergence of server virtualization, private and public clouds, and the need to support an ever-increasing mobile workforce has led to increased demands in the performance, capacity, security, and connectivity of NAS storage solutions. With an ever-increasing need to manage and protect a growing amount of unstructured data, it is no small surprise that respondents to ESG research have identified hardware costs, rapid data growth rate, data protection and migration, and staff costs as top storage challenges faced by enterprise organizations.[1] Storing, protecting, and managing access to such a large mount of unstructured data is costly both in terms of capital expenses (hardware and software) and operational expenses (management and expertise).

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