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Kerry Dolan

Kerry Dolan

Lab Analyst Kerry Dolan contributes to ESG’s independent, hands-on validations and analyses of emerging storage hardware and software products. Kerry brings more than 15 years of storage industry experience to her role. Prior to joining ESG, she spent 11 years as a technical marketing consultant in the storage industry, a natural offshoot from her years in product marketing at EMC Corporation. Kerry earned A.B. and Ed.M degrees from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. As an avid golfer, bird photographer, and classically trained soprano, Kerry has plenty to occupy her time outside of work.

Recent Posts by Kerry Dolan:

ESG Lab Review: InterSystems IRIS Data Platform: A Unified, Efficient Data Platform for Fast Business Insight


This ESG Lab Review documents our audit of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform performance testing. Tests were executed in a proof of concept environment, with comparisons to three common databases. Testing focused on performance of common queries run in the financial services industry.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI

ESG Lab Review: Pivot3 Acuity - A High-performance Hyperconverged Platform with Advanced QoS


If organizations can maintain predictable high performance that is prioritized by workload, they can deploy mixed applications on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) deployments to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and simplify management. This ESG Lab Review documents validation of Pivot3 Acuity HCI, with NVMe PCIe flash-enabled high-performance and policy-based quality of service (QoS) to maintain predictable, workload-prioritized high performance to support mixed application workloads.

Topics: Converged Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Lab Review: Dell EMC Unity All-Flash Storage


This ESG Lab Review documents the results of hands-on testing of the Dell EMC Unity All-Flash storage line with a focus on simplicity, ease of use, and software functionality.

Topics: Storage

ESG Lab Review: ShieldX APEIRO - Agentless Multi-cloud Security


The report documents hands-on testing of APEIRO, a microservices-based platform designed for agentless, multi-cloud security. Testing focused on ease of use, terabit-scale threat inspection, and centralized management across multi-cloud environments.

Topics: Cybersecurity Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Lab Validation: Cisco Cloudlock Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Platform


This ESG Lab report documents hands-on testing of Cisco Cloudlock, a cloud access security broker (CASB) and cloud cybersecurity solution, with a focus on the Apps Firewall, which provides visibility and protection of connected cloud applications.

Topics: Storage Cybersecurity Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Lab Spotlight: Cohesity DataPlatform - Instant VM Restore at Scale


ESG Lab performed remote testing of a significant feature of the Cohesity DataPlatform: its ability to instantly restore a large number of virtual machines (VMs) to any previous recovery point, with no change as the number of VMs increases. Backup copies are always fully hydrated and instantly available. This feature enables Cohesity to deliver the web-scale protection and recovery that today’s agile, dynamic organizations need to remain productive, while reducing both storage and management costs.

Topics: Storage Data Protection

ESG Lab Review: Identity-Defined Networking from Tempered Networks


This ESG Lab report documents hands-on testing of the Tempered Networks Identity-Defined Networking (IDN) solution. Testing focused on validating how Tempered’s identity-first approach to networking can create private, segmented, and secure communications while dramatically simplifying connectivity between systems regardless of environment, network type, or location.

Topics: Cybersecurity Networking

ESG Lab Spotlight: Apeiron Data Systems ADS1000: Native NVMe Networking Accelerates Real-time Workload Performance


ESG Lab previewed Apeiron’s ADS1000 Non Volatile Memory express (NVMe) storage solution (general availability: June 2016) and audited performance testing; this paper provides an overview of the architecture and impressive performance results.

Topics: Storage Networking

ESG Lab First Look: Velostrata

Hybrid Cloud Challenges: [1]


Where Performance ranked among top 10 concerns about moving applications & data from on-premises to the cloud.


Where inefficiency of workload portability ranked among top 10 concerns about moving applications & data from on-prem to cloud.

While hybrid cloud computing sounds promising, it’s not so easy to accomplish. Many organizations want the option to run workloads in the cloud to handle spikes in demand, but to do that means renting compute and storage resources—where you pay for the storage even when it’s not in use—and it may take weeks or months to move applications and data. It means extra cost, security concerns, and application changes, plus it’s difficult to bring those workloads back on-premises.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration