ESG Validation

ESG Lab Review: Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance DP4400

Co-Author(s): Tony Palmer, Edwin Yuen


This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on validation of the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) DP4400. The goal of the report is to validate that the IDPA DP4400 can be easily deployed and managed by a data protection specialist or an IT generalist with minimal data protection and storage skills.

Topics: Data Protection

ESG Technical Validation: Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform F900 with Brocade Fibre Channel Networking

Co-Author(s): Alex Arcilla


This ESG Technical Validation report documents testing of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F900, with a focus on real-world workload performance, workflow simplification through automation, and business continuity leveraging Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA) and the VSP’s global-active device feature, sometimes called GAD.

Topics: Networking Storage

ESG Technical Review: Huawei FusionStorage Cloud Storage

Co-Author(s): Alex Arcilla


This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on testing of Huawei FusionStorage Cloud Storage. Testing focused on ease of deployment and management; consistent, high performance for real world workloads; availability and fault tolerance; and non-disruptive, online scalability.

Topics: Storage Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Technical Review: Optimizing the End-user Experience with Applications Using CloudGenix AppFabric SD-WAN


This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on testing of the CloudGenix AppFabric SD-WAN solution. Testing focused on how the solution helps organizations to optimize application performance over their virtual network connections, monitor that performance continuously with application- and network-focused metrics, and simplify and automate workflows when deploying, configuring, and managing multiple sites.

Topics: Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Technical Review: Managing Risk, Complexity, and Cost with SanerNow Endpoint Security and Management Platform

The Challenges

As organizations of all sizes embrace digital transformation and the shift to modern cloud architectures, their IT infrastructure is both growing and becoming more complex. Indeed, two-thirds (68%) of respondents to an ESG research survey said that their IT environment had become more complex in the last two years.1

Complex infrastructures have large attack surface areas, necessitating a variety of cybersecurity tools and techniques to protect them against ever-increasing volumes and sophistication of attacks. However, cybersecurity teams report numerous challenges managing an assortment of security products from different vendors, such as the inefficiencies created by having separate management and operations for each tool, cited by 27% of ESG research respondents as a challenge, or different tools for various parts of the IT infrastructure (24%), or the number of security tools making operations complex and time consuming (22%)

Topics: Cybersecurity

ESG Technical Review - Odaseva: Trusted Data Protection, Data Management, and Data Governance for Salesforce Environments


This ESG Technical Review documents hands-on validation designed to demonstrate how Odaseva can help its customers address the complex challenges of data management in their Salesforce environments. The report focuses on the enterprise-class features of the Odaseva solution, its Salesforce data protection and data management functionality, and its Salesforce data governance and GDPR compliance capabilities.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI Data Protection

ESG Technical Validation: Optimize VMware vSAN with Western Digital NVMe SSDs and Supermicro Servers


ESG Lab evaluated Western Digital NVMe flash solutions with Supermicro servers for VMware vSAN hyperconverged infrastructure for business-critical applications and databases, with a focus on assessing the performance and value of NVMe-based flash for infrastructure-wide storage virtualization and hyperconverged solutions in the data center.

Topics: Storage Converged Infrastructure

ESG Lab Review: Dell EMC XtremIO X2 - Delivering High Performance and Advanced Functionality for Virtualized Environments


This ESG Lab Review documents testing of the Dell EMC XtremIO X2 array with a focus on high performance and advanced features for today’s modern, virtualized environments.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration Storage

ESG Lab Review: BMC’s TrueSight Server Automation (Formerly, BladeLogic Server Automation)


This ESG Lab Review documents remote testing of BMC’s TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA), formerly BladeLogic Server Automation solution, with a focus on configuration, patching, and compliance features.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Lab Validation: Cisco HyperFlex


This report documents a 2017 ESG Lab audit and validation of Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) performance testing, which focused on comparisons of Cisco HyperFlex hybrid and all-flash solutions with anonymous competitive HCI solutions.

Note for 2018 updates made to this report: Test results remain unchanged from the original 2017 report, but some features described in the HyperFlex section have been updated to reflect the current feature set included in the HX 3.0 release.

Topics: Converged Infrastructure Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration