ESG Validation

ESG Technical Review: Diamanti D10 Bare-metal Container Platform


This ESG Technical Review documents testing of the Diamanti D10 Bare-metal Container platform with a focus on fast, easy container deployment and guaranteed quality of service (QoS).

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration Converged Infrastructure Storage

ESG Technical Validation: Optimize VMware vSAN with Western Digital NVMe SSDs and Supermicro Servers


ESG Lab evaluated Western Digital NVMe flash solutions with Supermicro servers for VMware vSAN hyperconverged infrastructure for business-critical applications and databases, with a focus on assessing the performance and value of NVMe-based flash for infrastructure-wide storage virtualization and hyperconverged solutions in the data center.

Topics: Storage Converged Infrastructure

ESG Technical Validation: Mission-critical Workload Performance Testing of Different Hyperconverged Approaches on the Cisco Unified Computing System Platform (UCS)


This report documents an ESG Lab audit and validation of Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) performance testing, which focused on comparisons of Cisco HyperFlex fully engineered all-flash solutions on Cisco UCS against two software-only HCI offerings from leading vendors independently validated to run on Cisco UCS hardware servicing mission-critical workloads.

Topics: Converged Infrastructure Storage

ESG Lab Validation: Cisco HyperFlex


This report documents a 2017 ESG Lab audit and validation of Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) performance testing, which focused on comparisons of Cisco HyperFlex hybrid and all-flash solutions with anonymous competitive HCI solutions.

Note for 2018 updates made to this report: Test results remain unchanged from the original 2017 report, but some features described in the HyperFlex section have been updated to reflect the current feature set included in the HX 3.0 release.

Topics: Converged Infrastructure Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Lab Review: Pivot3 Acuity - A High-performance Hyperconverged Platform with Advanced QoS


If organizations can maintain predictable high performance that is prioritized by workload, they can deploy mixed applications on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) deployments to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and simplify management. This ESG Lab Review documents validation of Pivot3 Acuity HCI, with NVMe PCIe flash-enabled high-performance and policy-based quality of service (QoS) to maintain predictable, workload-prioritized high performance to support mixed application workloads.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration Converged Infrastructure

ESG Lab Review: Creating a Consolidated, Highly Performing, Cost-efficient Infrastructure with ClearDB’s Aventra IRON Technology


This ESG Lab Report documents the validation of ClearDB’s Aventra IRON technology. ESG Lab leveraged a combination of guided demos, audited performance results, and ClearDB self-experienced quantitative cost savings to highlight the ease of deployment, as well as potential performance and cost efficiencies gained using Aventra IRON software.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration Cybersecurity Storage Converged Infrastructure Networking

ESG Lab Review: Application-aware Management, Visibility, and Analytics in Virtualized Environments with Uila


This ESG Lab Report validates Uila’s full stack management, visibility, and analytic capabilities. Testing focused on fast root cause analysis through application visibility, complete infrastructure monitoring with application context, and end-user experience monitoring for improved application interactions.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration Converged Infrastructure Storage Networking

ESG Lab Validation: Performance and Cost Efficiency of Intel and Microsoft Hyperconverged Infrastructure


This ESG Lab Validation documents our audit of synthetic and real-world testing of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) reference architectures (RAs) delivered by Intel and Microsoft. The solutions include Intel-based servers and flash drives with Windows Server 2016 and Storage Spaces Direct. Testing focused on performance, scalability, and cost effectiveness.

Topics: Converged Infrastructure