ESG Technical Review: Android Enterprise Essentials: Easy, Automatic Mobile Device Security


This ESG Technical Review documents testing of Android Enterprise Essentials with a focus on assessing the speed and simplicity of automatically securing Android devices.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility Google

ESG Technical Validation: Google Cloud Security for Data Analytics


This ESG Technical Validation documents evaluation of security features and controls for Google Cloud Data Analytics. We evaluated how five aspects of security—encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), identity and access management (IAM), protection from data exfiltration, and logging/access transparency—contribute to increasing security and transparency for data analytics projects using Google Cloud Platform.

Topics: Cybersecurity Cloud Services & Orchestration Google

ESG Technical Review: Google Chrome Browser and Citrix in the Enterprise


This ESG Technical Review looks at Google Chrome Browser in enterprise virtual desktop and application virtualization environments powered by Citrix. We looked at how Chrome Browser integrates with Citrix and evaluated the business value provided by the combined solution.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration Google