ESG Video Capsule: Balancing Productivity With Security

In this ESG Video Capsule, ESG's Mark Bowker discusses the challenges organizations face trying to balance high levels of productivity with adequate levels of security.

Topics: Cybersecurity Enterprise Mobility

ESG On Location Video: Takeaways from Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

In this ESG On Location Video, ESG's Mark Bowker recaps the highlights of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

Topics: ESG on Location

ESG Video Blog: The Gold Standard for Data Protection Keeps Evolving

In this ESG Video Blog, ESG's Jason Buffington discusses the evolving gold standard for Data Protection.

Topics: Data Protection

ESG Video Capsule: Storage & Cars Versus Transport & Data Delivery

In this Video Capsule, ESG's Mark Peters compares the evolution taking place in the storage industry to that of the automobile industry.

Topics: Storage

ESG Lab Video: EMC Converged Platforms - VxRail Appliance

In this ESG Lab Video, ESG Senior Lab Analyst Mike Leone discusses ESG's testing of the EMC VxRail Appliance, a clustered node architecture that brings together compute, storage, and virtualization in a single infrastructure in a box.

Topics: Converged Infrastructure

ESG Video Capsule: Reflecting On Change

In this Video Capsule, ESG's Mark Peters reflects on how change has become a core part of - and a core competency for - our industry.

Topics: Storage