Founded in 2000, TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group combines deep practitioner knowledge and extensive primary research to develop purpose-built content deliverables that help buyers buy and sellers sell. With content that addresses the key aspects of the buyer’s journey, Enterprise Strategy Group helps technology vendors create greater buyer confidence.

Looking to deepen its base of decision support content, Tech Target, Inc. acquired Enterprise Strategy Group in 2021 where it proudly applies its expertise in all of the key go-to-market segments served by TechTarget, Inc., and together they help a range of IT professionals navigate the specific dynamics of individual technology markets.



 Accelerate your business’ engineering, marketing, and sales success by tapping into Enterprise Strategy Group’s comprehensive library of market research and network of expert analysts.



Gain a deeper understanding of technology trends, capitalize more effectively on market dynamics, and position your organization to capture emerging opportunities.



Increase awareness, educate customers, gain share, and become a market leader with compelling marketing content developed by Enterprise Strategy Group experts.

ESG Leadership Team

Mike Beaudet

Executive Vice President, Client Relations

Executive Vice President, Client Relations Mike Beaudet is responsible for client development and business development activities at ESG. Mike brings more than 35 years of sales and business development experience to his role, including time with IT market leaders such as EMC Corporation, Clearpoint Research Corporation, ITC, CLARiiON Advanced Storage Systems/Data General, StorageNetworks, and FilesX.

John McKnight

Senior Vice President, Research & Strategy

Executive Vice President, Research & Strategy John McKnight leads ESG’s analyst team and is responsible for all analyst services and market research operations. Under his leadership, ESG has become an established, respected, and trusted provider of research and advisory services, strategic consulting, and custom content solutions for the global IT community.

Doug Cahill

Senior Vice President, Analyst Services and Senior Analyst

Vice President, Analyst Services and Senior Analyst Doug Cahill draws upon more than 25 years of industry experience across a broad range of cloud, host, and network-based products and markets to lead ESG's analyst team.

Noelle Marzullo

Vice President, Business Operations & Customer Success

Vice President, Business Operations & Customer Success, Noelle Marzullo drives continuous improvement across numerous parts of our organization, focusing on efficient business operations, revenue management, and customer success.

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